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When Jeanie motivates others, the reality is that they are actually choosing to be influenced based on their own  passions, life experiences and fears even if they don’t know it. People follow their own internal cues based on how well they are able to connect with what they value. Because Jeanie Martin is a relatable storyteller, she is masterful in her ability to connect with her audiences and guide them to their own truth.

She also brings to the table the ability to read and access people's needs.  After 25 years as a high school educator, she can take a lot of information and present it in usable bite-size bits.  After 25 years as a mentor and business leader, she will enroll others in learning how to fulfill their dreams.

"Even with an audience of thousands, she is a teacher, a leader, and a mentor.  Her actions always go along with her words and she brings humor to everyday life.  We trust her because she not only speaks words of wisdom, but she has lived her teachings and continues to live them today.  Learning through the teachings of someone who has walked the journey is the most valuable training available."   

Haley Litchfield, MaryKay Sales Director
Lockport, IL

"She is more than  just a speaker. She is a real woman, with a real life story who pursued her real dreams.  Despite all obstacles, she endured and now has her real life filled with victories from the goals that she set. She pursued them with passion, grit, and persistent strong work ethic. She inspires us to always stay focused in the present because our future success comes in our daily routine. Jeanie truly cares about others and leads women to be so much more than they could ever envision themselves to be."

Angel Bertucci, MaryKay Sales Director
Frankfort, IL

"While Jeanie doesn’t dwell on challenges, she does effectively use them, and appropriately shares previous challenges.  This allows her audience to connect and relate to her, and this also empowers others to feel that whatever they face can be bettered.  Most importantly, Jeanie asks questions and coaches others, to find THEIR OWN RIGHT ANSWERS, and encourages them to take action, utilizing their personal gifts and in their best way."   

Grace Lemke, MaryKay Sales Director
Norwalk, IA

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