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Jeanie works with businesses on innovative sales training and gets the sales team jazzed. She challenges individuals to maximize their capacity to lead at the highest level.

Jeanie recently launched the unique "Rise Up" program for high capacity female leaders who want to take their careers or businesses to the next level. Challenge and develop your team with custom one day workshops with clear actionable steps to help leaders meet personal and professional goals.  


With over 25 years of experience working with 

 women, she knows that leading as a woman and leading women is different than just leading.  Women do face unique challenges and experiences in whatever capacity they lead.


As a leader, she's been invited all over the country to coach and mentor women to tap into their full potential through the avenue of a business.  Jeanie is specialized in coaching and motivation as well as sales training and personal development.  


What is the "Rise Up" program?


  • On sight training for small groups of six to ten selected women 

  • Eight one-hour group coaching sessions over four months  

  • Groups meet live or join with Zoom if unable to attend 

  • The Habit Finder Assessment used to personalize training

  • Focused on female leaders who want to make a greater impact on the world

  • Spring and Fall sessions offered

"Jeanie has a knack for identifying small, sometimes easily overlooked avenues for increasing sales and profit, by encouraging daily habits that are well within the control of the individual.  This gives the individual concrete steps to affect positively their life and/or business, and to bring stability to what can sometimes feel unpredictable … life and business."

Grace Lemke, MaryKay Director 
Norwalk, IA

"Jeanie uses vivid, practical examples & stories in her teaching to educate with a memorable combination of clarity, humor, & common sense. As a former educator, she understands learning styles, so her training is a treat of audio-adrenaline, visual vitality & even hands-on participation, at times. She doesn't just teach a concept, she creates an experience!"

Dorothy Boyd, Independent Nat'l Sales Director
Marietta, GA

"In a smaller training session, Jeanie creates an environment of collaboration and is willing to challenge ideas and thoughts presented.  She doesn't speak, she ask questions and allows us to create our own solutions. She shows respect for each individual, yet is able to keep the training moving forward and focused on the topic at hand."

Haley Litchfield, MaryKay Sales Director
Lockport, IL

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