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About Jeanie Martin

Jeanie Martin, NSDE


What's Her Approach?

The "IT" Factor ---Jeanie Style

When Jeanie Martin taught commas and Shakespeare, she also taught high school kids how to stand up in front of their peers, overcome their fears and be their best.  When Jeanie taught skin care and makeup artistry, she also introduced women and men to an opportunity to build their own business by developing relationships and improving their own self-esteem.   Jeanie has degrees in English and Speech, a Masters in Reading, and taught high school Speech and English.  She began building her business in 1988, and was in a leadership position with MaryKay Cosmetics for over 25 years.

Some think she left teaching to sell truth, she found a venue in MaryKay that put her in front of thousands more “grown up kids” to teach and influence. Since retiring from Mary Kay in 2018 as a Legacy Leader, she’s continued to impact lives.  She specializes in leadership and motivation as well as sales training and personal development.  She’s committed and passionate about working with winners to actualize their full potential. Jeanie's gift of the spoken word has found 3 successful areas of expertise to utilize as her platforms: Event Speaking, Training and Motivational Speaking. Within these platforms, she is well known for tapping into leadership potential with her adventurous delivery of the "it" factor. Her dynamic approach takes every type of audience on a journey that they will never forget.

The "it" Factor

Jeanie Martin will tell you:
Some businesses have
it. A few have it for a while.  When a business has it, everyone can tell.  And when one doesn’t….everyone can tell.


The same is true with entrepreneurs.   Some have it.  Some had it but don’t now. 
it or itlessness is obvious. it is always unique.  it is always powerful.  
it is always life-changing. it’s hard to find, but its impossible to miss.


By now you’re probably asking, “What is it?” 


Jeanie takes you boldly and unapologetically down a path to determine if you have it.

She will challenge you to get it and change your life.

"I remember sitting there in complete AWE. At the beginning of Jeanie Martin's speech, I was on the edge of my seat captivated by what she was about to share. As she opened up and started speaking, I could immediately tell this was going to be good. Hanging on to every word, I felt like she was in my head...helping me put it all together, understanding why it worked for some leaders and not others. Then Jeanie dropped the bomb on us and said,  I don't know! LOL!
I was stunned, disappointed and then RELIEVED at the same time. I felt validated in some way like all the struggles I had experienced were real and I wasn't broken. I felt like she related to my struggles and I had been "freed" from the chains of : Did I really know how to build leaders? And did I really know how to keep them motivated? It was the most clarity I ever had in my business experience. Suddenly, EVERYTHING made sense. All of it. I felt clear, capable and confident.

IT was truly the best speech I ever heard. I was on my knees crying at the end. For real."


Cecilia James, National Sales Director
Atlanta, GA


"Jeanie has the ability to reach to the heart of the individual, even when in a group setting.  She can see the needs of each person and ask questions to help expand their vision and see beyond their own limiting beliefs.  The programs that Jeanie created, which are designed for growth, have allowed me to stay focused on the important aspects of my business and, in turn, have created that growth which I so greatly desired."


Haley Litchfield, MaryKay Sales Director
Lockport, IL

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