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Remember the last time you were at an event and hanging on the influential words of a gifted speaker... and you quickly realized that the rest of the audience was equally captivated? Jeanie is a 'gold standard' speaker who is not only captivating, but also engaging and relatable.  Jeanie customizes educational and motivational content that is fresh, relevant, challenging and actionable for both individuals and teams. Powerful stories and success tools have brought Jeanie Martin to the pinnacle of her career and she wants to share "it" with you.

"Jeanie Martin has built a career on equipping others to be better leaders. I have found her to be a gifted communicator and trainer. She has the ability to bring out positive leadership qualities of the individual while engaging & motivating them to step up as leaders.

We have partnered with Jeanie for professional development events offered to various university corporate partners. These partners benefited from her knowledge and passion. They especially appreciated her engaging and interactive presentation style."

Rob Simpson, PhD 
Dean of the School of Graduate and Continuing Studies,
Olivet Nazarene University.

"Jeanie Martin is a refreshing, vibrant, knowledgeable, entertaining teacher, motivator and speaker. She will grab your attention from the moment she begins and leave you wanting more of her insights and humor after she finishes. She will not only cause you to think a new thought, she will move you into application and action. She is definitely one of the most memorable and impactful speakers you will ever have the privilege to learn from!"

Kim McClure, NSD
Cranberry Township, PA

"Her unique approach is in the story telling - In her personal experiences there is humor where she can laugh at herself or the situation, sad parts that touch the heart and make her real and thought provoking, and reflective parts that make you grow and blossom. She uses a soft voice with lots of expression and then it can turn into a loud voice with a commanding but meaningful tone when expressing a point. She’s always  prepared and intentional about what she is teaching. She gets a true sense of the room and will shift that energy quickly as she begins to engage the audience with her unbridled passion and fun personality. Before you realize it, the entire room has come to life."

Toni Engels, MaryKay Director 
Rock Island, IL

"Jeanie's background in teaching, sales and leadership creates a unique synergy in her ability to help others be the best they can be. She is masterful in building relationships with those she mentors, building trust and recognizing their unique gifts and then pushing them to reach their fullest potential."

Tracy Steffen, MaryKay Director 
Newark, IL

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